About Zero Two Garage

Zero Two Garage is a multi brand accessories showroom and car modification studio managed by team of motivated professionals. Since its inception we are providing genuine spare parts to all our customers in and around Kollam and we are proud to say we could solve the problem of genuine accessories availability in the district and South Kerala. Zero Two Garage believes in hundred percentage customer satisfaction and is growing fast to reach out to maximum numbers of customers. Now we are the leading distributors and suppliers of automotive accessories in South Kerala offering the largest variety of products at the lowest possible price.



9656 30 0202

The operator will call back immediately and report the cost of accessory

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Zero Two Garage

All Inclusive Pricing

We have employed Inclusive Pricing system in Zero Two Garage

No Hidden Charges

We do not have any kind of hidden charges in our products or services

Leading Suppliers Worldwide

We are the leading suppliers of auto accessories and spare parts

Lowest Price Guarantee

We guarantee highest quality products and services at lowest pricing

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