Custom Seat Works

At Zero Two Garage we have been specialized in custom made car seat covers and customizing car seats. Diversified requirements of customers had broadened our horizon and we are proud to be branded as the car seat alteration people in the industry. We have been providing Waterproof car seat covers to our customers on demand. These artificial sear coves come with material such as Artificial Leather and Rexin. Automotive upholstery not only add luxury feel to your car interior but also gives an ease in cleaning and maintaining compared to the factory fitted fabric covers. Zero Two Garage also provide car accessories such as customized steering cover, Gear knob covering, Driver & Co-driver arm rest, Gear boot wrap, Neck rest, Hand break grip, Pillow etc. We also undertake car upholstery repair and re upholstery contracts. We do seat covers and alteration work for all leading car brands.
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